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Ameri-standard Asset/Property Management

Ameri standard Asset/Property Management (ASM), a subsidiary company of Leaders Group, is a asset/property management company that specializes in the multi-family and retail real estate markets in the Southeast region.

ASM manages multi-family, office and retail properties for owners and investors in the Southeastern USA, providing fully integrated, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to improve operation efficiency and increase asset values. ASM offers clients a diverse range of asset management, property management, value-add, and turn-around services including advisory services, property due diligence and evaluation, market studies, regulatory compliance, property supervision and reporting, operating and capital budgeting, capital improvement assessments, refinancing and syndications, construction support, real estate tax reviews, risk management services, utilities audits, acquisition and disposition, investor services, third party partnerships, lease-up, value-add and renovation services.

At ASM, we believe that the great asset/property management principle is all about digest/utilize information to achieve results consistent with the investment objectives of our clients, and that’s what we do the best. 


Our team identifies both the challenges and opportunities facing the asset/portfolio and offers proactive advice and recommendations to enhance the investment yield. We work with property owners, lenders, investors, and shareholders to set goals and objectives appropriate to the specific issues and life cycle requirements of the asset/portfolio. Then we closely monitor and manage the asset/portfolio with a creative, disciplined and realistic approach to achieve the desired goals.

ASM’s top executives, who have decades of combined leadership experience in both multifamily industry and retail industry, have managed over more than 30 commercial properties over the years.   Combined with Leaders Group’s vertically integrated real estate platform which enables ASM to simplify and streamline the complexity of commercial real estate investing for the benefit of owners, lenders, shareholders, investors and the communities.

Our Asset/Property Management Services including:

  • Advisory services

  • Due diligence

  • Market studies

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Property supervision and reporting

  • Operating and capital budgeting

  • Capital needs assessments

  • Refinancing and syndications

  • Construction support

  • Real estate tax reviews

  • Risk management services

  • Utilities audits

  • Sales and disposition

  • Investor services

  • Property Management

  • Third party partnership

  • Receiverships

  • Lease-up

  • Renovation

  • Due-diligence service

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