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What is tenant screening? Tenant screening is the process of looking into someone’s background and history before initiating a real estate transaction, such as the signing of a lease. A rigorous screening process identifies potential “red flags” and provides opportunities to enhance your customer service – both critical to building beneficial long-term relationships with current and prospective tenants. The screening process can be informal, such as a checklist of questions to ask potential tenants or a more formal report gathering and analysis of information to help you make the decision. The important thing is to make sure you have a clear, well thought out policy that is used consistently and applied in the same manner with each new applicant.

Credit Profile Report

Easily pull rental applicant's credit report and display with an easy-to-read summary of the important credit data as well as the FICO 2 credit score. FICO 2 is widely used in the rental, mortgage and finance industries. A FICO 2 is calculated on a different algorithm to most consumer facing scores (e.g., those provided by,

Criminal Records Check

Nationwide criminal scans are pulled from hundreds of national, state and county courts that contribute to the national instant database, including Megan's Law registered Sex Offender check and OFAC terrorist watch list. Results will vary according to restrictions placed on reporting by the different court jurisdictions and will include the last 7 years. Details can include name, date of birth, date of the offense, description of the offense, court location and case status

Eviction Report

Provide over 24 million eviction records from all 50 states and Washington, DC.

Eviction Reports come from a variety of sources including public court records, and are enhanced with data reported directly to credit bureau. The reports include:

  • Tenant judgment for possession and money

  • Unlawful detainers

  • Tenant judgments for rent

  • Failure to pay rent

  • Writs and warrants of eviction


Make sure you don't have credit freeze placed w/ credit bureau



PAY $38 per adult Applicant


Submit rental Application w/ copy of SSN card & payment receipt


Screening Report email to you

In 15 - 60 mins (During Business Hour)
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