The Brexit Impact On Multifamily Investment

Great Britain voters decided on June 23 to leave the European Union. The somewhat surprising 52%-48% result — the “remain” side had a narrow lead in the final pre-vote polls — was capped by Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement that he would resign. Analysts are mixed about the effect the “Brexit” from the EU will have on the British economy, but the result could make an impact on multifamily investment in the United States, Axiometrics economists say. International investors have been increasing their holdings in the U.S. over the past several years, as they have gained a better understanding of the American apartment market and appreciation of the sector’s profitability. Before recen

Retention Revolution: How to Increase Resident Lease Renewals

With new supply set to flood the rental market this year, keeping residents at existing properties is more important than ever. Here’s how to create a community residents will want to call home year after year. OUTLOOK: In 2016, the apartment industry will see the most new units delivered to the market since the post-recession cycle began around 2010. Axiometrics, a Dallas-based real estate research firm, says more than 300,000 new units will come on line this year, which is well above 2015’s plentiful 265,000 total. Some markets, such as New York and Houston, will gain more than 20,000 new units alone. With this influx of new inventory, occupancy levels are expected to fall, though evidence


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